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General dentistry

Dental hygiene icon
Dental hygiene

Professional tooth cleaning is an important contribution to tooth preservation, as even regular and thorough tooth cleaning is usually not enough. The removal of the dental plaque and the tooth stones prevents bacterial diseases such as caries or periodontitis.
As a standard, we use dental scalers, curettes, and ultrasound devices. In case of heavy contamination, or upon request, we also use the air polishing unit (Airflow).

Duration of treatment:30 - 60 min

Price:900 - 1.500,- THB

Fissure sealing icon
Fissure sealing

Tooth fissures are small furrows or pits on the occlusal surfaces of the molars that run between the cusps of the teeth. In some cases these fissures can be problematic for oral hygiene, since the deepest areas are narrower than the diameter of the bristles of your tooth brush.
In order to protect the tooth enamel, it is possible to perform a fissure sealing and to seal the tooth with chemical enamel and a thin layer of plastic coating.

Duration of treatment:30 - 60 min

Price:600,- THB

Fluoridation icon

Caries is a disease of the hard tooth components that causes the dissolution of minerals on the tooth surface. Prevention by fluoridation allows, firstly, combating the microorganisms that triggers caries and, secondly, counteracting demineralization and rebuilding the dental material.
During the fluoridation, the trace element fluorine is applied as a special fluorine coating to sensitive areas of the teeth (e.g. the dental necks).

Duration of treatment:30 - 60 min

Price:600,- THB

Dental fillings icon
Dental fillings

Dental fillings can be used to repair various defects of the teeth. In addition to caries or a broken piece of a tooth, erosions caused by cleaning or acids are also increasingly treated by fillings. We use only tooth-coloured plastic fillings (composites) which are inserted into the broken tooth and hardened with a special light.

Duration of treatment:30 - 60 min

Price:1.900,- THB

Tooth whitening icon
Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening (also called bleaching) means either the restoration or brightening of the natural tooth color with the help of bleaching agents. After a professional dental cleaning, the gums are covered with a silicone and the bleach (hydrogen peroxide) is applied to the tooth. In order to accelerate the treatment, but make it as painless as possible, we use a special halogen lamp.

Duration of treatment:app. 2 hrs

Price:5.900,- THB

Deep cleaning & root-planing icon
Deep cleaning

The cleaning of periodontal pockets is part of the periodontal treatment and includes cleaning (curettage) and disinfection, as well as root-planing. This makes it difficult for new bacteria to settle and effectively prevents gum diseases. In order to ensure that the procedure is carried out painlessly, the area is anesthetized locally.

Duration of treatment:30 min - 2 hrs

Price:400 - 8.000,- THB

Tooth extraction icon
Tooth extraction

A tooth that is not worth preserving is a tooth that has to be extracted because of its loosening, a fracture, a non-healing inflammation, or for other reasons. With local anaesthesia, the tooth is removed from the tooth socket, the wound is cleaned and any inflammatory tissue is removed, as well.

Duration of treatment:30 - 60 min

Price:900 - 1.200,- THB

Root or impacted tooth extraction icon
Root extraction
Impacted tooth extraction

After tooth extraction or after teeth that have been destroyed, broken off or fractured by caries, sometimes only their roots are left in the jawbone. Roots that remain deep in the bone or displaced (impacted) teeth cannot simply be pulled, but must be surgically removed.

Duration of treatment:30 min - 2 hrs

Price:1.500 - 5.000,- THB

X-ray of a single tooth icon
X-ray of a single tooth

Many problems in the mouth begin underneath the gums. The dental X-ray is therefore an important diagnostic procedure that allows early detection of tooth and tissue damage. A simple X-ray includes up to 4 teeth and is detailed and sharp. To depict the desired tooth in the X-ray image, the X-ray film is placed in the patient's mouth directly behind the tooth on the tongue side and held there either by the patient's finger or by special X-ray holders. The desired area is then depicted on the film using a handheld X-ray machine.

Duration of treatment:app. 2 min

Price:200,- THB

Panoramic X-ray icon
Panoramic X-ray (OPG)

In contrast to the single-tooth X-ray, this is a large-scale X-ray that covers the jaw, all teeth, the joints and some bone structures of the head, e.g. the sinuses. The dentist can use this image in order to get a comprehensive picture of the condition of the patient's teeth and jawbone. To make a panoramic X-ray, the patient stands in front of the X-ray machine and must not move for the duration of the scan (15 to 20 seconds), while the apparatus rotates around.

Duration of treatment:app. 2 min

Price:1.000,- THB

Fixed artificial teeth (dental crowns and bridges)

porcelain-veneered crown icon
porcelain-veneered crown

If caries or a fracture by accident caused serious damage to the tooth, and tooth filling is no longer a possible treatment due to the size of the defect, a tooth crown can be used.
A crown is similar to a cap that has the shape of a tooth and is cemented onto the tooth stump. The crown can be made from three different materials, but the difference refers only to the framework of the crown, i.e. to the substructure. On the outside, the crown is veneered with ceramic and looks like a real tooth.
During the treatment, under local anaesthesia the tooth stump is prepared and a dental impression is taken. The crown is then made in our own dental laboratory with the help of a model or a computer. The patient wears a temporary plastic tooth crown until completion of the treatment.
After controlling the accuracy of the framework and the contact points of the finished crown, it is permanently cemented on the real tooth.

Duration of treatment:3 - 4 days

Price:8.000 - 18.000,- THB

Porcelain-veneered 3-units bridge icon
3-units bridge

A bridge is defined as at least two crowns (bridge anchors) which are connected by a bridge link, i.e. the part that is intended to replace the lost tooth. With the help of a bridge it is therefore possible to permanently close one or more tooth gaps by using the adjacent teeth as a support element. In this way, the aesthetics and function of a missing tooth can be replaced. Alternatively, it is possible to insert an implant or use removable dentures (prostheses). During the treatment, under local anesthesia the abutment teeth are prepared and a dental impression is taken. The bridge is then made in our own dental laboratory with the help of a model or a computer, similarly to the crown. During this procedure, the patient receives a temporary bridge made of plastic until completion of the treatment. When controlling the framework of a bridge, in addition to the accuracy, the absence of a tension and the wobble-free fit are also checked. At the last appointment, after minor adjustments in height and contact points to the adjacent teeth, the bridge can be cemented.

Duration of treatment:3 - 4 days

Price:24.000 - 54.000,- THB

Implant with a crown icon
Implant with a crown

In order to replace a missing tooth and as an alternative to a bridge, an implant can also be used as a form of fixed artificial teeth. The implant is inserted in the jawbone and serves as an anchor for a crown or a bridge, like a natural tooth root. After a thorough examination and planning, the implant (NEOSS or STRAUMANN) can be placed in the jawbone with the help of special drills. The treatment is painless and completed within an hour. For this artificial tooth root to heal without any problems, the gums above the implant are sutured with a stitch removal after about a week. After the insertion the bone must grow in the implant surface, so a healing period of 3-6 months should be granted. After that, the desired fixed dentures can be screwed on or cemented within 3 - 4 days.

  • NEOSS implant (35.000 – 40.000,-THB)
  • STRAUMANN implant (50.000 – 55.000,-THB)

Duration of treatment:3 - 6 months

Price:62.000 - 87.000,- THB

Removable dentures (prostheses)

Full dentures icon
Full dentures for upper and lower jaw

If all of your teeth have been lost, full prostheses for both the upper and the lower jaw can be considered. The prostheses are made of plastic and are kept in the mouth through adhesion of the saliva, atmospheric pressure and with the help of the muscle strength of the cheeks. This is why it is often difficult to achieve a secure fit with the full prostheses, so that patients can eat and speak without any problems.

Duration of treatment:4 - 7 days

Price:32.000 - 41.000,- THB

Bar denture with two implants per jaw icon
Bar denture with two implants per jaw

With this type of removable denture, a bar is screwed in the mouth between at least two implants. Since the prosthesis on the underside has an assembled clip, the patient can easily anchor it in the mouth. The more implants or bars are used, the better the hold. After a thorough examination and planning, the implants (NEOSS or STRAUMANN) can be placed in the jawbone with the help of special drills. The treatment is painless and completed within 1 - 2 hours. For the artificial tooth roots to heal without any problems, the gums above the implant are sutured with a stitch removal after about a week. After the insertion the bone must grow in the implant surface, so a healing period of 3-6 months should be granted. During this time, any possible prostheses must be modified because the implants should not be loaded too soon. After a successful healing period, the prosthesis can then be created within a week.

Duration of treatment:3 - 6 months

Price:ca. 190.000,- THB

Unilateral free-end partial denture with KeySlide icon
Unilateral free-end partial denture with KeySlide

An unilateral free-end prosthesis is used when there are no more molars on one side of the jaw. Since small prostheses always risk to be swallowed, they must be secured against accidental loosening according to German regulations. Our free-end prostheses are therefore held by an assembled titanium attachment (KeySlide). The prosthesis is always secured and can only be removed by the patient from the mouth if it has been unlocked beforehand by pressing a small button.
For the treatment, the last two teeth on the affected side must be prepared and covered with telescopic crowns. The prosthesis is then equipped with the locking mechanism and can be clipped onto the telescopic crowns.

Duration of treatment:app. 1 week

Price:ca. 75.000,- THB

Telescopic bridge and telescopic prosthesis icon
Telescopic bridge and telescopic prosthesis (cover denture)

A telescopic bridge or telescopic prosthesis is an externally invisible removable denture that is anchored to the remaining teeth or, in case of a toothless jaw, to implants. Since this type of denture c onsists of a fixed part (the telescopic crowns) and a removable part (the actual tooth bridge or dental prosthesis), these partial dentures are also called hybrid dentures. Telescope restorations have a number of advantages in comparison to other systems.

  • better aesthetics as no clasps are needed to hold the prosthesis
  • very good hold thanks to telescopes, comparable to fixed dentures
  • in case of further dental loss, e.g. age-related dental loss, it doesn't have to be made again, since it is an expandable denture
  • rapid treatment within one week
  • improved oral hygiene, since cleaning in the mouth and cleaning of the prosthesis become easier, therefore it is also suitable for periodontosis patients
  • promotes the preservation of the remaining teeth and the jawbone, since the load is balanced and more like the normal load of the remaining teeth

Duration of treatment:app. 1 week

Price:from 65.000,- THB

Root canal treatments (endodontics)

Simple root canal treatment icon
Simple root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to remove inflammation from dead or inflamed teeth in order to prevent their extraction. The dentist (under local anaesthesia) gains access to the tooth's nerve channel(s) through a central hole on the occlusal surface in order to remove the nerve with small files, to clean the inside of the tooth, and to enlarge the individual root canals. This cleaning can be carried out during several appointments. At the end of each session, a medicinal inlay is inserted and the access is temporarily closed. When all root canals have been found, cleaned, and disinfected, the dentist seals the root canals with a dense filling material. After root canal treatment, the tooth is no longer as stable as before and should be supplied with a pin (post) and a crown.

Duration of treatment:app. 3 weeks

Price:7.500 – 19.000,- THB

Root canal re-treatment icon
Root canal re-treatment

After a completed root canal treatment, in case of enduring or renewed pain, as well as in case of new or uncured inflammation of the root tips, a revision must be carried out. A revision is also necessary if, for example, new restoration such as bridges or crowns are being planned, because questionable root canal fillings should be restored before the new prosthetic construction in order to guarantee long-term success of the procedure. During a revision, the existing root canal fillings will be removed and the canal system will be instrumented anew and rinsed (mechanical and chemical cleaning).

Duration of treatment:app. 3 weeks

Price:10.000 – 21.000,- THB

Complicated root canal treatment icon
Complicated root canal treatment

The root anatomy of a tooth is as complex as the root system of a tree. The root canal treatment must therefore be planned and implemented individually. Very fine, crooked or calcified canals, canals with strong ramifications or those that can hardly be found require significantly more time and other instruments than a simple root canal treatment.

Duration of treatment:app. 3 weeks

Price:12.000 – 22.000,- THB